While cost and time are critical components of projects how would you define the quality of a projec

To verify the user entered the proper keycode the switches must match, then match again after 1ms. Easy to debug fix mistakes Easy to verify prove correctness Easy to maintain add features Common Error: It is capable of graphically representing main events of project in both parallel and consecutive way.

Five Factors That Lead to Successful Projects

It also considers if any additional communication facilities are required. Eventually, a subtask is so simple that it can be converted to software code. In most cases, the complexity of the problem itself cannot be avoided.

What are some techniques used for defining scope. What is a decision support system DSS. In a well-run project, on the other hand, the project manager -- the project authority for planning, coordinating, and managing the project -- needs to be proactive rather than reactive, keeping a constant eye on all aspects of the project so that no one area is allowed to develop problems that could sabotage the overall project, and accomplishing the project goals.

Project management triangle

The cost required to manufacture one additional product Time-to-prototype: Using the cost of similar project to determine the cost of the current project Determining Resource Cost rates: Sometimes, project managers have to allocate additional resources in order to meet the deadlines with a penalty of additional project costs.

What methods have you used to gain commitment from your team. The one-time cost to design and test Unit cost: Organizational policies Policies for project management HR policy Quality policy etc A data flow graph for a simple position measurement system is shown in Figure 7.

A call graph for a simple position measurement system is shown in Figure 7. When change request is identified formally, it is properly documented. Often, there will be tasks that are not on the critical path; this is due to the slack in the project schedule.

Learning happens at every opportunity. There are tools available, which aid for effective project management. These early systems, due to their small size, were inherently simple. How have you encouraged the learning and development of employees. Next, we finish the top-down hierarchical structure and build mock-ups of the mechanical parts connectors, chassis, cables etc.

The subroutine performs a well-defined task. Project plan execution Inputs Tools and techniques Outputs project plan general management skills work results supporting details product skills and knowledge change requests organizational policies work authorization system preventive action status review meetings corrective action project review meetings project management information system What are the supporting details.

The first step in successive refinement is to divide the tasks into those performed once Initializationand those tasks repeated over and over Execute lockas shown as the left flowchart in the Interactive tool 7.

Some tasks may require a given amount of time to complete adequately, but given more time could be completed exceptionally. Project Initiation - This refers to the resources as well as the planning before the project starts.

We will implement time-critical tasks using interrupts, which are hardware-triggered software functions. If you have prior experience in project management, you must have encountered a situation like this and you must produce an honest account of the situation encountered.

Team members will collaboratively decide which person should work on which tasks, which technical practices are necessary to achieve stated quality goals, and so on.

It is poor design to pass data between modules through public global variables; it is better to use a well-defined abstract technique like a FIFO queue. Boundaries, Deliverables and Requirements as Key Components of Project Scope by Eric McConnell · Published July 2, · Updated June 12, The process of developing scope for a project entails identification of the three key components, such as boundaries, deliverables, and requirements, regardless of the project’s size, type and nature.

The risk management approach influenced project schedules and cost goals but exerted less influence on project product quality. the value of local currency during a project affect purchasing power and budgets on projects with large international components.

Projects that depend on good weather, such as road construction or coastal projects. For example, you can think of a quality computer application in terms of response time, look-and-feel, ease of understanding, level of help documentation, and absence of defects.

A good way of avoiding this is to schedule projects in distinct stages, where final quality, finished components are delivered at the end of each stage. This way, quality problems can be identified early on, and rectified before they seriously threaten the project schedule.

Project management is the process of planning, monitoring, and controlling a unique set of tasks that have a discrete beginning, end, and outcome.

The project management process is performed. One of the critical challenges in projects (especially product development) is to keep track of the versions of the work products going into any release. This is accomplished by a configuration management system.

While cost and time are critical components of projects how would you define the quality of a projec
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